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Estate Disposition

Estate Disposition or Estate Sale Services for Bereaved Families and Estate Executors

Meet with Legal Representative to determine the plan of disposition which could include the following:

  • Complete inventory

  • Photograph and document contents of estate

  • Pack and label all contents specific to determined destination.  Packing materials included

  • Coordinate delivery of items designated for recipients

  • Arrange for professional appraisals by overseeing auction items.   

  • Determine and contact best venue for remaining valuable items

  • Coordinate and manage in-house contents and sales. 

  • Contact and arrange for emptying the home by donation, recycle, or disposal site

  • Coordinate and oversee moving companies to synchronize drop off of belongings to appropriate destination resulting in cost efficiencies
  • Provide an accounting for tax purposes
  • Stage & prepare home for resale or make arrangements for this service.

Call for a 1 hour free consultation to discuss what services will lessen  your stress.

Options we might utilize to optimize the sale of your belongings are:

Auction, Art Dealers, Coin/Stamp Collectors, Antique Dealers, Consignment Outlets, On-Line-Sales, So Much Stuff... website and, others  as determined to be the best opportunity to optimize sales within a reasonable time frame. 

During this difficult and emotional time So Much Stuff can offer families, trustees, and executors a complete plan for the distribution and disposal of all residue of the estate after testamentary dispositions by the executor or trustee. 

So Much Stuff Helping sort through a lifetime of treasures and memories... trustworthy estate sale services.